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We had the opportunity to speak with Abdullah, the marketing manager at Enezi Corporation, about his company and how they use social media to grow their business.

Improve Customer Engagement and Boost Growth

WEBLAZA is a sales and marketing platform designed for small businesses. Selling directly to consumers is a viable option for growing businesses, but coordinating the multiple parties that are typically involved in direct sales can be difficult. 

That’s where WEBLAZA comes in. We enhance your digital profile and create digital preface of your business that helps you connect with businesses throuh campaigns and social media marketing. For marketers, the value proposition is simple: Use our services to grow your business and engage with customers more effectively on social media and search engines.

Weblaza does not only provide marketing and sales solutions to businesses but also develops digital marketing plans and strategies, creates adverts, manages content, and performs analysis on marketing performance.

So how did we utilize social media to grow their business?

1. Create engaging content

To begin with, Enezi focuses on creating engaging content for their clients’ social media platforms. They utilize popular social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn to drive traffic to their website and generate leads. Having content that is appealing to potential customers allows them to stand out from the crowd and gain credibility. As a WEBLAZA client, you’ll notice that your content is curated and engaging. We often recommend that content marketing should emulate sports leagues: Mixing varied content such as highlights, interviews, and animations alongside compelling offers helps create an engaging experience for customers.

2. Identify content that performs well and expand upon it

In addition to creating engaging content, WEBLAZA looks to identify content that performs well and expands upon it. In other words, we try to use content that already has been tested and has a following to attract more people to our services.

3. Use keywords and hashtags in your content

Third on our list of tips is to use keywords and hashtags in your content. People use search engines to look for information, so your content will inevitably be found if it includes the right keywords and hashtags. When creating content for social media, it’s important to remember that not all keywords are created equal, so it’s important to research the right key phrases for your business. Without this, your content may not perform well in the search engines.

When performing keyword research, it’s important to note that not all competitors are created equal. While you might discover that one of your competitors is getting a lot of traffic from Dubai, this does not mean that you’ll automatically qualify for that market. Keyword research should give you a good idea of which keywords will allow your content to perform well, but it shouldn’t just focus on competitive analysis.

4. Post frequently and consistently

Last but not least, they had the issue of posting frequently and consistently. Like many other industries, the world of online marketing is based heavily on the amount of content that you can produce. While you might only be able to produce short blogs or vlogs, that’s still content.

If you’re afraid that your content will wear out its welcome, then why not make it a regular occurrence? Consistent small blog posts or vlogs lead to credibility and build an audience. If you want to get more people to notice your content, then publish content frequently.

While we can’t promise that anyone will necessarily become a client of your business just because you read this article, we can say that understanding the value that social media brings to a business’ marketing plan can help you decide whether or not to consider using these marketing tools to grow your business.

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